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Green IT Homes to be presented in Copenhagen


The district heating metropolis of Copenhagen is facing a big challenge ahead: to remove fossil energy from the heating system. Now the city and the Danish energy company HOFOR invites IMCG to present the platform Green IT Homes, which holds keys to the solution.

Copenhagen has probably the most extensive district heating network in Europe, it covers 98 per cent of the heating used within the city. A main issue going forward is peak shaving, cutting recurrent peaks in the production, for example in cold winter mornings when houses are heated and many people shower. Usually, these peaks demand that fossil fuel driven energy sources are activated.

Peak shaving would save both money and environment. This is why the city has invited IMCG to come and present the energy management tool Green IT Homes, the next generation of Smart Metering.

– Green IT Homes brings the possibility to reduce the demand on heating from the receiver side, as a complement to the traditional cutting of supply from the production side. The heating in a house can be programmed to shut off during peak hours, for as long as each specific building keeps up the temperature. We believe that this can be very useful in such an expansive system as in Copenhagen, says Johan Emanuel, IMCG project manager for Green IT Homes.

Several advantages
Green IT Homes is the online platform for new, smart energy services. Information from the customers’ district heating centrals are updated every second, which improves energy utilities’ business opportunities, customer relations and service routines.

The platform is part of the project “Green IT Innovations for district heating”, which explores how modern IT solutions can meet the challenges of energy companies. The Swedish Energy Agency and the Swedish district heating industry finance the project through the research programme Fjärrsyn.

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