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3 steps to increase success - the next H2020 work programme


It is about time to build your consortia or start joining relevant consortia for the next H2020 Work programme, 2018-2020. IMCG lists three priorities to get you kick-started on the process on building a consortia.

Hearing “Final call – go to gate!” probably has an impact on you and puts you in a stage of urgency. The very same feeling could be what you are experiencing now, if you are to build a consortia for H2020 Work programme 2018-2020. The drafts are out and the majority of them have a high detail level, that enquires major work effort to be put into it. IMCG is supporting partners through-out Europe with this work and are at the same time developing the consortia in the call we will coordinate.

Now – or at the latest by early fall 2017 – you should be busy building your consortia. If you haven’t already gotten started, consider this a wake-up call to do so.

– Acting proactively now will allow you the most cost-effective process in building a consortia for H2020 Work programme 2018-2020. On top of that, you will be the one with the highest chance in getting the best qualified people to your core team, says Magnus Andersson, Head of Business and expert on project funding, EU-proposals & projects and business innovation at IMCG.

Now – or at the latest by early fall 2017 – you should be busy building your consortia. If you haven’t already gotten started, consider this a wake-up call to do so.

IMCG lists three priorities to get you started:

1. Get the drafts for H2020 Work programme 2018-2020
If you act proactively and get the drafts for the Work programme now, you will be ahead of the official launch of the calls. Those calls are close to final, so you have little time to get ahead. It’s time to act now – late summer, early autumn. IMCG has access to those drafts, as well as your national contact point.

2. Design your core team
The team should mirror the scoop of the call and the call’s expected impact. Do not underestimate the importance of impact of the presence of partners with excellence not only within areas such as research, but also within innovation, policies and communication. Most likely you will have to go beyond your own network in order to find the partners needed. Other consortia builders will compete with you, as they will also aim to get top-scores in excellence and implementation. Impact is key. By being proactive now, you will have a better chance in attracting the people and organization best qualified for your team.

3. Write a one-pager
When you have gotten the drafts, found the relevant call and designed a winning team, it’s time to write a one-pager (usually ends up as a two-pager) stating vision and main objectives. Remember to stay in close touch with the senior project officer in order to ensure that your ambition is aligned with the programme and the call.

If you need guidance writing your one-pager, or support during the consortia-building process, please don’t hesitate to contact IMCG. We identify partners for EU applications, we have the knowhow to writing proposals, developing winning consortias and we offer workshops for partners and customers in the art of creating proposals. We are experienced in handling consortias within H2020, Interreg and UIA etc. Some of our latest work are within United Grid, FED, Lighthouse, Tempus Energy and InspireWater.

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Ulrika Wahlström

Ulrika Wahlström

Ulrika Wahlström är innovationsprojektledare med speciell kompetens inom strategisk kommunikation på IMCG. Ulrika är utbildad civilekonom med inriktning på marknadsföring. Hon har jobbat som exportrådgivare på Danmarks Eksportråd och kommer närmast från Business Region Göteborg där hon jobbade som marknads- och kommunikationsansvarig för Kluster & Innovation.