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Boosting possibilities for market impact


– Many of the companies that we work with are solution providers offering new technologies contributing to solve global climate issues. But no matter how well a technology is working, it won’t get market impact, if the solution provider doesn’t know the market, says Ulrika Wahlström, Innovation Project Manager, IMCG.

Market trends, rules and regulations as well as having an open mind about new ways of reaching the potential customers are things that an innovative company has to be aware of. It’s not enough to “only” be an expert on the technology itself.

When developing a new technology you might assume that you don’t have any competitors. On the contrary, you do. The old technologies are the ones you compete against, and to enter the market you will have to teach your potential customers a new behavior. Why should they choose to change to a new technology when the old one is working fine?

When you are a solution provider of a new technology, potential customers’ old habits can be your worst enemies.

IMCG works in the InspireWater project with innovation management and has provided the project partners with a market analysis. The project aims to find innovative techniques to increase water and raw material efficiency in the resource demanding steel- and chemical industry and to support implementation of new resource efficient technologies. Three SMEs; MOL, BFI and BLUE-tec, are testing and further developing their water treatment technologies in the global process industries Sandvik, ArcelorMittal and Clariant. That part is working very well and progress is made. At the same time IMCG is getting the SMEs ready for market entrance.

– One way of preparing the market entrance is to study the market. IMCG is providing the SMEs with a market analysis giving them an overview and information regarding factors that will affect their chances on making it to the market, says Ulrika Wahlström, IMCG.

This particular market analysis is focusing on wastewater treatment in the process industry and aims to give BFI, MOL and BLUE-tec an overview and information about market trends, rules, regulations, the process industry’s buying habits, competitors, competitive techniques, SWOT-analysis etc.

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Ulrika Wahlström

Ulrika Wahlström

Ulrika Wahlström är innovationsprojektledare med speciell kompetens inom strategisk kommunikation på IMCG. Ulrika är utbildad civilekonom med inriktning på marknadsföring. Hon har jobbat som exportrådgivare på Danmarks Eksportråd och kommer närmast från Business Region Göteborg där hon jobbade som marknads- och kommunikationsansvarig för Kluster & Innovation.