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Established markets key for green innovations to live on


A lot of green technology with great potential to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions are demonstrated in EU-funded projects. Unfortunately, many never reach their full potential due to unclear planning from market actors on what will happen when the project ends.
– What often is lacking is the knowledge within relevant industry of the growing demand for the technology, says Jonas Norrman, CEO of IMCG, who presents value chains and business models for green innovation at a Smart cities conference in Lyon.

There is much technology under demonstration with great potential to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, but many good green innovative solutions are being left behind before they reach their potential. Even though the technology is amazing, if no one is willing to invest in building supplier organizations, it will soon be forgotten.
– Public Procurement organizations need to know that there are a number of possible suppling organizations available on the market before they open up for bids. The market easily gets stuck in a catch 22 scenario, and the only way forward is to communicate growing demand.

Smart cities
The Smart cities-initiative is one of EU’s tools to speed up the transition of Europe’s cities into fossil free societies. At the event within the Smart cities-framework this week in Lyon, Jonas Norrman will, as a representative of the Smart cities-project IRIS, highlight the importance of sharing knowledge of the demands in the participating cities.
– I can’t stress enough how crucial this knowledge is. As Business model manager for IRIS it is both important and constructive to meet up and do workshops with representatives from the other projects. Hopefully we will all go home inspired to help each other mapping up demands and detecting new markets.

Demonstrators, scaling, replication and business models for green innovations
The Smart City initiative today includes 103 European cities in 17 sister projects aiming for similar impact on the European market. IRIS is one of these projects working with demonstrators, scaling, replication and business models for green innovations for smarter cities.