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Smart grid project FlexiGrid energized with new project manager


The IMCG-coordinated EU project FlexiGrid gets a new energy injection by adding business development expert Douglas Almquist, to the team. Douglas takes over as the new project manager. – FlexiGrid is in a good position to create new business opportunities for the energy sector in Europe, he says.

The Horizon 2020 project FlexiGrid, aiming at the power grid operators, develops smart power grids of the future, which will provide for an energy system that is completely based on renewable energy. Douglas is employed by IMCG to bring the project into an intensive phase of cooperation between the multiple European partners of the Horizon 2020-project.
– FlexiGrid is a complex project with actors across Europe. My goal is that we together will contribute to knowledge and technology that will be put to use by our participating power grid operators and also create a ripple effect for more renewable in the power grids controlled by operators outside the project, says Douglas Almquist.

Douglas Almquist has extensive experience in leading international collaborative projects with partners from various sectors of society. He has worked on a number of Triple Helix projects and European Interreg projects. With a background in business development, he has a broad understanding of the entire innovation chain. To achieve impact from the technology and knowledge that is produced by the project,  communication is an important part, he says.
– The companies we are working with are large and crucial for society. They work towards long-term time horizons. We need to make them understand the benefits, but also how to absorb the project’s products. That is why active and focused communication is extremely important, he says.

In addition to FlexiGrid, IMCG also works with several other energy projects that can help energy companies meet the challenges of the future.
– European energy companies increase their opportunities by collaborating with IMCG. Contact us and we can weave you into the work, says Douglas.