• Aware

    Create awareness and engagement on social topics.

    Let your customers and stakeholders become your internal development department. Aware gives you the opportunity to highlight a specific area and find out what is missing in your portfolio. Aware is a communication tool that uses a competition to create awareness around a socially interesting topic and gets people to act.

    IMCG offers a platform with the race set-up, implementation plan, and an elaborate jury process and communication strategy. The platform is based on a method where meetings and a well-defined media mix create significant opportunities for impact. Key issues are raised on the agenda and allow the public and decision makers to meet. In the process, there is a plan as to how the incoming suggestions can be realized. The platform can be customized in terms of graphic design and content depending on the client and purpose. Aware can be used both by companies and organisations.

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    Contact Anna-Karin Dahlin.


    Aware is used:
    Travel Warriors 2014
    Travel Warriors 2012
    Climate Wars

    Press Clipping:
    Metro “Pling-sidan”
    Sveriges Radio P4 “Göteborg Direkt”