Smart City Screen

  • Smart City Screen

    Interactive screen displays the city’s climate pulse.

    Smart City Screen is a product that increases awareness and general knowledge of key climate issues in the city. The interactive touchscreen is an exciting way to visualise an entire urban cycle; electricity, heating and transport. By dragging your fingers across the screen you can rotate images, zoom and test scenarios.

    Smart City Screen is 60 inches wide and suitable for the outdoor environment. The screen is placed in the city centre and features an interactive 3D map. By providing information and measurements, the selected area is visualised. The screen goes to a place in any city and can illustrate the selected area as desired. IMCG developed Smart City Screen in collaboration with the Interactive Institute.

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    Used for:
    • Energy Efficiency
    • Visualisation
    • Smart Cities

    Smart City Screen Projects:

    Inner City’s Energy