Functional Greenery for Smart Cities

  • Functional Greenery for Smart Cities

    Business Benefits for sustainable, attractive cities.

    The number of urban residents is growing, which means cities are built more and more densely. Green areas will disappear in favour of new construction. The benefits of vegetation disappear: noise reduction, cleaner urban air, retaining of rainwater and reduced energy need for heating and cooling.

    In this project we develop business solutions that enable the use of the positive effects of plants in new construction, conversion and extension. Examples of new products might be green roofs and façades, as plants are both aesthetically appealing and perform an important function.

    IMCG is the innovation partner and created the consortium which include partners: VEAB Mark & Garden, City of Gothenburg’s Parks and Landscape Management, Pyramid Architects AB and Gothenburg’s Housing Companies. The initiative is one project within Vinnova Challenge Driven Innovation, in the area “Sustainable attractive cities”.

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