Pre-study: Impact Entrepreneurship

  • Pre-study: Impact Entrepreneurship

    How to create more companies with a sustainability focus

    Entrepreneurship has been identified as an important tool for quickly achieving the UN’s goals for sustainable development (SDG). IMCG will examine how we get more driven intra-entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who want to build and develop long-term businesses that address the sustainability goals – so-called “Impact Entrepreneurs”.

    The competence development efforts that are being made today in the form of, for example, education, competitions and incubators often require that you already have one, in your opinion, good idea that you want to realize. But it’s not enough. How do we best find, gather and support those who do not have a concrete business or product idea but a commitment and a willingness to learn?

    The pre-study “Impact Entrepreneurship Competence Development” is funded by Vinnova and aims to investigate the situation and create a momentum for change. IMCG’s work includes conducting interviews with various actors in Sweden and abroad, conducting external monitoring, study visits and workshops. An important part is to identify and spread good examples.

    Three activities serve as a starting point for exploration:

    Chalmers: Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship

    KTH: Global Development Hub

    Linköping University: Right Agenda Accelerator

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