team expertis

We reach the people you dream of getting hold of.
  • Ask someone who knows. Our network consists of high-level points of contact within the UN, Nobel Prize winners, world-renowned professors and global business leaders. Together with our external experts IMCG provides expertise in areas such as Smart Cities, Clean Technologies, Business Development and Innovation. IMCG also offers expertise in Strategic Business Intelligence. We analyse the information to discern trends, build strategies and pinpoint future scenarios.

    We bring people together and provide your organisation with a team that under our management operates to your specific requirements and time frames.

  • Our network gives access to specialists around the world. We match your organisation with an internationally recognised team of experts, to get reliable multidisciplinary solutions. We work closely with our clients to define individual needs and translate them into work schemes for solving identified issues. Partnerships are set up to provide your organisation with information and research from more than 3,000 experts in CleanTech, ICT and Life Science. The combination of our in-house expertise and international network makes us a unique partner for expert solicitation.

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