Innovation Management

Innovation Management


 We bridge the gap between the innovations that your company provides and the market not yet being ready to buy and receive tomorrow’s smart solutions. 
  • Being able to provide a high-tech solution matching the market demand, doesn’t automatically generate business opportunities. We establish an interface between the ones that can deliver and the ones that might not yet understand what innovation that is the best answer to their demand.

    IMCG also acts as a change agent. We support management boards that have to adapt their business strategy and engage their employees due to digitalisation.

    We guide smart city representatives in their

  • digital transition adapting strategies and ways to work with e-mobility, energy efficiency and sustainability.

    When engaged in EU funded projects, focus is always on market impact. As project managers, we lead the creation of preconditions so that technical solutions that are being tested and demonstrated in the projects, will reach the market and have a societal impact.

    When you are ready to take your innovation and bring it all the way from a great idea to the market, let us know!